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My Education Companion (MEC)

MEC is a learning management system for auditors to train and develop professionals at any level, from anywhere, at their own pace.

Tips for a Successful Stock Take for Companies

My Education Companion (MEC) has put together some helpful tips for Companies for a successful year-end stock take.

Is Your Firm Compliant with the International Code of Ethics?

According to Singapore law (EP 200 Section 5.5), refresher training should be held once every 2 years, or more regularly in instances where there have been significant developments to regulatory processes or requirements.

Many accounting firms, Accountants and Auditors find it a hassle to keep track of regulatory changes, training deadlines, and training of new staff. Let Us Do The Work For You!

CCH Engagement Organizer Tutorial Video for Clients

KLP uses CCH’s Engagement Organizer to better serve their clients. This is a short tutorial video on the software, and how to use it from a client’s perspective. Files, notes, and queries can be updated by the auditor and the client in real-time within the Organizer for ease of communication.