Always Have Proof of Compliance

Through Online Training and

Dated Certificates

Compliance with the International Code of Ethics, or Ethics Pronouncements, are mandatory and failure to observe the Code will result in disciplinary action.

All Auditors and Accountants are expected and required to be completely trained in the Code, and Firms will be checked on their compliance during Practice Monitoring Programmes.

The Problem

According to Singapore law (EP 200 Section 5.5), refresher training should be held once every 2 years, or more regularly in instances where there have been significant developments to regulatory processes or requirements.

Many accounting firms, Accountants and Auditors find it a hassle to keep track of regulatory changes, training deadlines, and training of new staff.

The Solution

Let us do the work for you!

  • We will keep track of regulatory changes
  • Update you on training deadlines
  • Always have your dated certifications on hand for proof of compliance
  • Easily train new staff even with high employee turnover

Highlights Of Our Programme

Be in-the-know with our Ethics Pronouncements (EP) courses.
Choose individual courses or purchase as a package to ensure your firm is fully compliant in all aspects of the Code.

Receive Certificates of Completion with Easy Deadline Tracking

Receive dated certificates and CPD hours upon passing the EP examinations in our courses.

Each user receives dates certificates of completion, and easy deadline tracking. Let our programme do the work for you – We’ll track and remind you on where you stand, so that you will always be compliant, on time and updated!

Our Packages

All prices are in Singapore Dollars (SGD).
Yearly subscriptions are for a minimum of 3 employees.
Discounts are available for packages for every 10 employees. Courses are also available to be purchased individually.

You pay for:

  • Full course materials (audio, visual, case studies)
  • Course examinations (passing mark of 70%)
  • Certifications as proof of completion upon passing examinations
  • Dated certificates, with auto-deadline tracking
    (we’ll alert you when your certificate is expiring!)
  • CPD hours
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