Take audit training into your own hands

Auditors require on-going training to develop themselves professionally and holistically.
MEC aspires to create a one-stop solution for auditors, where all audit training, materials, standard operating procedures, and updates can be found all in one place. Access all your audit needs any time and anywhere.

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The Problem

  • Covid-19 has posed problems like shortage of staff and the need for off-shoring employment
  • It is difficult to run a firm where staff work remotely without the proper knowledge and skills to produce audit quality expected of the firm
  • Live training is costly and difficult to co-ordinate with auditors’ busy work schedules and cannot reach staff working remotely
  • Unable to find all audit materials, updates and training in one place for easy access when requiring a refresher
  • Existing trainings are not level-specific, nor do they cater to individuals’ ability and pace
  • Limited soft skills training for auditors
  • A lot of time and money spent on internal firm training

A Solution for the Audit Firm

From a firm’s perspective, on-going training is essential for a cohesive and holistic audit team comprising of different levels of auditors. Furthermore, high levels of staff turnover and remote employment make it difficult to ensure that each auditor is able to produce work of substantial quality.

MEC enables your firm to develop:

  • A holistic audit team that produces high quality audits
  • Training schedules for all staff, even those that work remotely
  • Appropriate staff review and appraisals based on course performance

A Solution for the Auditor

From an auditor’s perspective, on-going training is necessary to develop further into one’s career and is required to equip oneself with the proper technical knowledge and soft skills to succeed as an auditor.

Equip yourself to:

  • Progress in the workplace
  • Take training into your own hands
  • Become a value creator

Highlights Of Our Programme

Receive Certificates Upon Completion with Easy Deadline Tracking

Receive dated certificates and CPD hours upon passing the EP examinations in our courses.

Each user receives dates certificates of completion, and easy deadline tracking. Let our programme do the work for you – We’ll track and remind you on where you stand, so that you will always be compliant, on time and updated!

Our Packages

All prices are in Singapore Dollars (SGD).
Yearly subscriptions are for a minimum of 3 employees.
Discounts are available for packages for every 10 employees. Courses are also available to be purchased individually.

You pay for:

  • Full course materials (audio, visual, case studies)
  • Course examinations (passing mark of 70%)
  • Certifications as proof of completion upon passing examinations
  • Dated certificates, with auto-deadline tracking
    (we’ll alert you when your certificate is expiring!)
  • CPD hours
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